Putting Knowledge to Practise

This Conciliators Human Behaviour Programme is a series of interrelated workshops, talks and discussions designed to improve knowledge about human behaviour, with particular reference to resolving political conflict. Participation in the programme will provide greater insight in why so often, despite everyone’s best efforts, things go wrong, and investigates how the latest knowledge of our basic human motivations give us tools to manage political challenges.

This learning involves three stages:

i) Introduction to New Ideas: A course introducing the new ideas and findings in behavioural sciences and how they can improve the development of policy and the practise of diplomacy.

ii) Application: Assist participants to put the ideas into practise in the workplace.

iii) Developmental Follow up: The guild accompanies participants as they manage new challenges with these ideas in mind, and their application deepens. In order for the learning to become embedded organically in the outlooks and work habits of participants, the Guild recommends participation in all three phases. However, Steps i)and ii) are also available separately. Introductory Courses have been held in London, Helsinki and Brussels. More are planned for 2019 and beyond. You can check this page periodically for updates. If you are an organisation interested in hosting a workshop for your members, contact us at the email or number at the base of this page.


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