The Conciliators Guild
Bringing Humanity to Politics

What We Do

Helping diplomats and policymakers make better decisions

by highlighting the hidden elements in politics: the basic, often

underlying, psychological drivers that make us tick.


We do this through a professional association devoted to excellence

in the craft of politics and diplomacy, as well as workshops, consulting

and innovative projects


Why we do it: three questions, three premises

Would you agree with us that the purpose of politics is to help people and societies flourish productively and in peace?

Would you also agree that the ability to learn from failure by entering a rigorous and sincere learning process is crucial for the healthy development of any field of human endeavour?

And furthermore that, in the political world, the necessary actions deriving from the second of these basic premises are generally avoided?

Our work

The Conciliators Guild is dedicated to developing a process of learning about how to improve our politics in this regard.

For example, to assist in that learning we introduce critical new ideas about the hidden bio-psycho-social motivations in human behaviour. These ideas centre around the fundamental innate physical and emotional needs of all of humankind, factors that, when unmet in the environment, or managed badly, drive people to conflict and create chaos.

We help diplomats and policymakers make better decisions by highlighting these hidden elements in politics. Our work taps into the desire to build a more solid foundation for the pursuit of higher political ideals among concerned professionals. The ultimate aim is to deliver more stable and friendly social and international environments where people can more easily flourish together productively.

More than ever before we need a greater understanding of the fundamental unit of society: the human being. We also need to learn what lies behind our political problems and their solutions: our basic human motivations and needs. 
Learning to detach from fixed positions and automated thinking, ideological or otherwise, is a prerequisite for more creative and effective approaches to conflict resolution and the management of politics between and within countries.