Bringing Humanity to Politics

our work

Redefining our politics by incorporating critical aspects

of human nature that have largely been ignored. 


We do this through a professional association devoted to

excellence in the craft of politics and diplomacy, as well as workshops, consulting and innovative projects



Our politics are not working. Chaos is on the rise. Confusion abounds.

There is a major misdiagnosis - and a missing piece - of what motivates us all and why.

Changing economics, political structures or power balances will not make enough difference whilst the people operating in these systems remain greedy, needy, and opportunistic.
More than ever before we need a greater understanding of the fundamental unit of society: the human being. We also need to learn what lies behind our political problems and their solutions: our basic human motivations and needs. 
When people have their innate emotional and physical needs - the givens of our survival - met properly and in balance, the likelihood of conflict and disorder is drastically reduced. 
This initiative is dedicated to developing a process of long-term education about this approach to improving our politics. We aim to show how these ideas work in the political sphere and in international relations, and to disseminate them as broadly as possible in the policy world as well as to aspiring practitioners of diplomacy and politics.
A guild is the time-honoured name for a group of people dedicated to excellence in their craft. More than ever, we need this sense of excellence in the practice of international relations and politics, and a community that nurtures it, if only to counteract the deterioration we see all around us.