The Conciliators Guild
Bringing Humanity to Politics

how we do it



The Guild pursues it’s goal - bring humanity to politics - through workshops that look afresh at cases of political and diplomatic success and failure in ways that nurture the learning process.

Topics include: conflicts around the world, especially focused on the Middle East; current policy challenges such as the rise of violent extremism; sudden population movements; corruption and the power of the Internet to influence events.

A Private Forum

Our forum is where open-minded individuals can informally share knowledge and experience, create new networks and become more effective at their craft by working together on tangible international challenges.


Membership and participation in The Conciliators Guild's work provides an opportunity to:

  • Attend events focused on themes of particular importance for global affairs.

  • Cooperate in developing bespoke workshops for participating members and their organisations.

  • Use the Guild's consulting services.

  • Participate in a discrete and privileged network of colleagues with a shared interest in improving our politics, and collaborating on concrete issues.

  • Enjoy the stimulation of bringing more humanity to politics with like-minded professionals.