Veils of Distortion: How the News Media Warps Our Mind

Veils of Distortion

At The Conciliators Guild (CG), we focus on the role of more hidden dimensions in politics, including perception and the effects of emotion and conditioning. We emphasize ideology, leaders and the citizen in that regard. However, there is another factor that merits our attention, and that is the role of the media.

John Zada, an experienced journalist and writer, and the Director of Communications at CG, has just released a new book called Veils of Distortion: How the News Media Warps our Minds that attends directly to this factor.

Veils of Distortion

He takes us into the news factory to understand how news is made, including the decisions that result in the cut-outs of the world that many construe for reality. Zada also looks at how this fragmented short-hand of reality is impoverishing our understanding of our world, and of politics. He offers some suggestions on how we might begin to mitigate those warping effects.

In a day where political decisions are increasingly affected by the news in all its forms, we would do well to understand better how our minds are indeed skewed by it—and what actions we can take to lessen its influence. We wholeheartedly recommend this book to do just that.

Veils of Distortion is available from most online booksellers, or by special order from your local bookstore.