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JOHN BELL is the Director of the Middle East and Mediterranean Programme and the Eurasia Programme at The Toledo International Centre for Peace (CITpax). He is the former Middle East Director for "Search for Common Ground," a global conflict resolution NGO. He is also a former Canadian and U.N. diplomat who has served in Ottawa, Cairo, Beirut, Jerusalem and Gaza.



IVAN TYRRELL is an author and the Director of Human Givens College. He is co-writer with Joseph Griffin of Human Givens: A New Approach to Emotional Health and Clear Thinking and Godhead: The Brain’s Big Bang as well as other groundbreaking titles and monographs on mental health and psychotherapy. 




JOHN ZADA is a freelance writer, photographer and journalist with an interest in politics, psychology and culture. He’s lived and travelled extensively in the Middle East and has produced work for the Toronto Star, Globe & Mail,, Al Jazeera English, BBC online, Al Arabiya, Outpost, Explore, Maisonneuve, Los Angeles Review of Books and The National