The Human Journey

As an initiative working to highlight the role of underlying human motivations in politics, The Conciliators Guild draws upon research from disciplines that shed light on our origins and development as a species – and how that affects our behaviour, especially in groups, including politically.

Some colleagues have launched an invaluable website, called “The Human Journey,” containing a wealth of knowledge in this regard.

“The Human Journey,” the website’s creators write, “is the journey of the human mind, how it developed, the world it made and the problems it solved. The future depends on understanding who we are, what is unchanging about human nature, and what we can and must change to survive. Once we know our human story – social, psychological and biological – we will be better equipped to fully adapt and solve the problems of the world, many of which are man-made.”

We encourage anyone with an interest in these matters to plumb The Human Journey, which provides a comprehensive understanding of ourselves through the recent work of anthropologists, neurobiologists, psychologists, historians, and philosophers.

Journey of the human mind