The Conciliators Guild
Bringing Humanity to Politics

The Guild

Why a "Guild"?


A guild is the time-honoured name for a group of people dedicated to excellence in their craft. More than ever, we need this sense of excellence in the practice of international relations and politics, and a community that nurtures it, if only to counteract the deterioration we see all around us. 

We are working to build a dedicated community whose every member recognizes the need for those working in the field of international relations and diplomacy to raise their game in today's political climate. Members support each other through interaction in the Guild as they work together to further more realistic and effective approaches to conflict resolution and international relations. 


The Principles of the Conciliators Guild

Through its work, the Guild and its members will endeavour to uphold the following principles: 

1. Members support the Guild’s overall aim: by committing to focusing more accurately on improving human well-being, not just physically but emotionally. In this way it can more effectively enrich approaches to politics, international relations and conflict resolution. Furthermore, by incorporating knowledge of innate emotional needs, public policy-making can gradually be redefined and its practice substantially improved, to the benefit of the body politic.

2. A view that we should always bring back policy making to the question of ‘how well will any action we take sensibly meet the innate needs of everyone involved?’

3. A dedication to ensuring excellence in the craft of politics and diplomacy in these increasingly challenging times, especially through involving the principles above.

4. A commitment to the Guild that it should remain an independent forum (uncorrupted by private or national agendas) in a way that allows it to address the interests and concerns of members more objectively.

5. To reach out to other individuals and organisations that recognise and support the above.

Guild membership is usually by invitation or referral, but in some cases we consider applicants where there's a good fit. If you're interested, send a CV along with a letter detailing why you'd like to join and how the mandate of the Guild intersects with your work and interests. Forward applications to: