“I can attest to the 'Human Givens' approach. Unless 'givens' are listened to and respected, you cannot truly help others. That's more than half the battle, and it all relates to the given that people crave such intangibles as dignity and respect. I believe this approach is universally applicable.”

- James Larocco, former Head of Multinational Forces of Observers, Sinai, and former American Ambassador to Kuwait

“There are all kinds of exploration about what drives extremism at the political and economic levels. Oftentimes the social factors get ignored but increasingly people are recognizing the social and cultural factors – and not just the political and economic… The Conciliators Guild could play a critically important role in driving this.”

— Shamil Idriss, President and Ceo, Search for Common Ground

“The overall framework of Human Givens in terms of an individual's psychology is highly relevant and interesting for how interact with stakeholders, foster positive dynamics, identify our own position, and even how we organize our own work.”

- Mediation professional, Conflict Management Initiative (CMI), Helsinki

“The Conciliators Guild is setting up a good example to be emulated by other organizations in the West.”

— Serkan Yolaçan, Research Fellow, Middle East Institute, University of Singapore

“I really found the course extremely important in acquiring knowledge of the human givens principles and in getting practical tips on how to really implement it in my daily life as a diplomat.”

- Eva Horelova, Policy Officer, European Union External Action Service, Brussels

“This new paradigm is the perfect antidote to many dilemmas facing diplomats today. Much else has been tried and failed. It’s time to meet people’s needs before they fall into the hands of extremists.”

— The Late Michael Bell, Former Canadian Ambassador to Egypt, Israel and Jordan


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