Bringing Humanity to Politics


Current Initiatives

The Conciliators Guild is currently developing an initiative to put its ideas into action on an important, current international challenge.

Two other projects are also being developed:

Navigating the Dangers of "Tribalism"
The Conciliators Guild is pursuing an initiative to increase knowledge about the causes and dangers of "tribalism" - a strong identification with or loyalty to a particular cultural and social group. This will involve bringing together experts on this issue (social scientists, artists, and otherwise) with policy makers to investigate this gap in policy development, and begin a process of developing answers.
A greater understanding of this basic, yet volatile, aspect of our nature, will diminish the likelihood of ethnic, religious and ideological conflict, and increase the potential for pluralism and tolerance in societies.


The Conflict Resolution Olympics

This project will be the first of an annual competition whereby teams and individuals, professionals and youth, offer comprehensive solutions to a current international conflict. The entries will be judged according to several criteria, including the foundational ideas of The Conciliators Guild.

This process of innovation and constructive competition may lead to both new ideas and an accumulated global spirit of resolution of conflict.