Three Questions, Three Premises

Would you agree with us that the purpose of politics is to help people and societies flourish productively and in peace?

Would you also agree that the ability to learn from failure by entering a rigorous and sincere learning process is crucial for the healthy development of any field of human endeavour?

And that, in the political world, that learning process is generally avoided?

Our Work

Our work taps into the desire to pursue higher political ideals among concerned professionals. We invite such individuals to enter into a sincere and rigorous learning process to establish a new and more solid foundation to reach those ideals and improve politics and international relations.

We assist that learning by introducing critical new factors into the equation: basic, innate physical and emotional needs, common to all humankind, that drive people to conflict and create chaos if unmet, or managed badly. We examine how these factors motivate individuals, how they play out in nations and political groups, and how they can be dealt with more positively.

More than ever, such a greater understanding of the fundamental unit of society, the human being, is crucial in order to move away from zero-sum games, and political intractibility. Learning to detach from fixed positions and automated thinking, ideological or otherwise, is a prerequisite for more creative and effective approaches to the management of domestic and international politics.

The ultimate aim of The Conciliators Guild is to deliver more stable and friendly social and international environments where people can more easily flourish together productively.

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