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Fear and Political Chaos: How to bring clarity to societal upheaval through the lens of innate human needs -  £129.00

The world is becoming an increasingly unstable and dangerous place. More than ever before, anyone trying to tackle society's problems or help the refugees and traumatised victims of corruption and war, needs a greater understanding of the fundamental unit of society – the human being.


This unique online course, run in association with Human Givens College and filmed at our full-day workshop at Broadway House in London, focuses on how to improve politics by involving a greater understanding of psychology in domestic and international relations.

You will gain an increased awareness of what war and terrorism reveal about the human psyche and an improved ability to see through political and cultural assumptions, by recognising the underlying emotional dynamics driving behaviour.

You will also discover the most accurate explanations available about the root causes of extremism in politics, radicalization, the refugee crisis and the growth of authoritarianism, due to the ease with which mass hypnosis is used throughout the world today.

The Middle East serves as the primary case study – but the implications of the material covered are universal and provide powerful new directions for a way out of the chaos we currently find ourselves in.

The course facilitators are John Bell and Ivan Tyrrell.

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Upcoming Workshop - Date TBD

Developing a New Lingua Franca for Conflict Resolution

This three-day intensive course will examine how human nature affects politics, and how both policy and conflict resolution can be modified to deal more effectively with future political challenges. The Middle East will be used as an example in order to learn how these elements work in a practical and difficult case setting. 

See here for a course description and outline.

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