The Conciliators Guild
Bringing Humanity to Politics

how we do it



How does knowledge of psychology and human behaviour allow you, or your organization, to be more effective at policy-making, mediation and political analysis?

The Conciliators Guild organizes regular workshops and training based in the core ideas of our initiative. We use a practical, case-study approach, to look at failures and successes in politics and diplomacy and to investigate how the latest knowledge of our basic human motivations give us tools we can apply to political challenges around the world.

Workshop participants will:

  • Gain an increased awareness of what war and terrorism reveal about the human psyche and an improved ability to see through political and cultural assumptions, by recognising the underlying emotional dynamics driving behaviour

  • Discover the most accurate explanations available about the root causes of extremism in politics, radicalization and the growth of authoritarianism in the world today.

Courses have been held in London, Helsinki and Brussels. More are planned for 2018 and beyond. You can check this page periodically for updates. If you are an organization interested in hosting a workshop for your members, contact us at the email or number below.