psychology and politics

Psychological Dimensions of Peacemaking

Mutual needs satisfaction, based on a fundamental understanding of our innate needs and resources, is the means of achieving sustainable peace in politics

Abstractions in politics

Empty Words with Deadly Consequences

In an excellent article in the New York Times, Christy Wampole, Associate Professor at Princeton University, explains how abstractions in politics can have deadly consequences. She suggests that generalized concepts …

conciliators guild

Turning Down the Heat

As the political temperature rises across the world, John Bell, Ivan Tyrrell and John Zada explain why they founded The Conciliators Guild, and their hopes for it. TYRRELL: We are …

The Righteous Mind

We are without doubt living in an era of polarised thinking, marked by much bickering across social and political lines. Although the tendency for humans to sort themselves along ideological …

The Conciliators guild the wild country of cult thinking

The Wild Country of Cult Thinking

In April of this year Netflix released a documentary series called Wild Wild Country which chronicles the conflict in the early 1980s between a new-age sex-cult in Wasco County, Oregon, …